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Yo, Mo’ Modernism


During the first Brussels Biennial, CCNOA (Center for Contemporary Non-Objective Art), in cooperation with Brussels-based artist & curator Tilman and Dutch artist & curator Jan Maarten Voskuil, presented the exhibition YO, MO’ MODERNISM as part of the Brussels Biennial Off-Program. The exhibitions featured the work of 25 artists from Belgium, elsewhere in Europe and abroad who investigate the premises of modernism and question or highlight aspects and principles of modernism within contemporary art.


Terry Haggerty


British artist Terry Haggerty has become known in recent years for paintings that express the formalist vocabulary of abstraction in a new way. The principle of serial composition can be discerned in Haggerty’s work: light-colored stripes alternate with darker ones to form regular, often horizontal arrangements, which also have a pattern-like quality due to their dense structure. This would not seem particularly remarkable were it not for the fact that Haggerty breaks this linear formation at the edges of the painting — and occasionally also at the symmetrical center of the composition—by bending the lines in a different direction as they approach the boundaries of the painting support. He combines humorous and historical references to form abstract compositions that electrify and manipulate the space around them.


Festival de Arte de Barcelona BAC´09


The tenth edition of the Festival of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, BAC!09, from December 1st 2009 to January 3rd 2010, will be dedicated in its entirety towards the production developed in the latest periods by female artists from all over the world, a unique and referential opportunity to give international panorama to the visual arts created by them.

To differentiate it from other instances of a similar theme, the majority of times diminished by feminism or the social critic towards difference and discrimination of the genders, BAC! will break away from stereotypes to present a fresh, dynamic and mobilising display of the connection of genders to the world of art, with humour, irony and divergence as main revitalising contributions, a good chance to enjoy sensitivity taken to its limits where only those who have the secret, that other understanding of the world crowned by roses, where fragility brushes with force, the maternity with life as well with death, a kiss with sensuality and the hands with matter.


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Daniel Arsham


The American artist Daniel Arsham is best known for his reworking of architectural and natural forms of the everyday. His surreal art has been exhibited around the world and will now been seen on the stage. Beginning march 29th and running until april 4th, Arsham will be collaborating with the Merce Cunningham dance company during the french national biennale of dance in Paris.

Daniel Arsham was born in 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio and work between New York and Miami. He had presented his work in multiple exhibitions since 2001 and is one of the winners of The Gelman Trust Fellowship. His pieces are available in galleries such as the Emanuel Perrotin in Miami.


Kara Yerex


Kara Yerex is one of the most influential conceptual artists in the world today. A 29 years old Canadian, Kara is a graphic artist more than just a photographer, her work is a psychological and oneiric representation of her thoughts creating clean and simple images of astounding impact.


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