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Film: New Puma Packaging

In partnering with PUMA, a leader in sportswear, shoes and products, Fuseproject, the design studio of Yves Behar, looked to create a game changing packaging system that would greatly reduce their footprint and build on their initiatives toward cleaner, greener, and safer practices contributing to a better world around us.

Film: White Box


Production : Tangram Co. Ltd.
Director : Makoto Yabuki
Camera : Masashi Sasaki
Music : Takaya Murakami

It is a work made as the visual identity of architects office Sturdy Style. Their corporate identity is home creating without stereotype. The architect faces the white box symbolizing a home, and designs harmony between the life and the environment.

Film: Paint with Lights


Alessandro Durando
Lorenzo Levrero
Alessandro Novelli
Daniele Gavatorta

Year: 2010
Type: Projection Mapping
What: Mapping, 3d, Designs and Animations
Client: ZERO bar Turin, Italy

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