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Minimalist Fixie Bicycle by Eltipo Graphic

Antwerp based artist and designer Eltipo Graphic was commissioned by Pinkeye Studio to create this custom build concept bicycle for a pop-up shop “CNT DWN”. Iconic match between glossy white & mat black, laser engraved leather for seat & grips.

Hydaway Bottle





Hydaway is an easy-to-use, reusable water bottle designed for people with active lifestyles who are searching for an alternative way to carry water that’s just as convenient as buying bottled water.

Created by product designer and inventor Niki Singlaub, the Hydaway is a convenient, safe and environmentally-friendly collapsible bottle made with food-grade silicone that has no taste and no odor. It is watertight and dishwasher safe and comes in two sizes in a variety of colors.

You can pre-order yours in Kickstarter.

Kuskoa Bi bioplastic chair






Kuskoa Bi is the first biobased, biodegradable and recyclable chair. Designed by Basque designer Jean Louis Iratzoki for Alki, the chair is made with a new material called bioplastic developed by Alki to avoid the environmental problems created by the production of plastic.

“Bioplastic is a polymer with similar characteristics and properties to plastics made from non-renewable fossil fuels. It can be injected, extruded and thermoformed but it is made from 100% plant-based renewable resources (beet, corn starch, sugarcane, etc.). This biobased polymer is fully recyclable and its organic properties mean that, when subjected to an industrial process, it is biodegradable. Moreover, another significant environmental aspect lies in its reduced carbon footprint as bioplastic production results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions.”

Woodieful chair + magazine rack






The Woodieful chair is another great example of sustainable, multifunctional design. Made by Woodieful, an Slovenian brand by designer Klavdija Jarc, the chair can be used as a stool, a small side table and a magazine rack. Klavidija Jarc says: “I use wood as a main material in my creations. Because wood is the king of materials when we speak about furniture. And wood is beautiful.”

Via: Design Milk

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