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Upcycling Project Eco Cap







Designer Ryan Jongwoo Choi created this eco friendly caps designed to reuse and bring back to life old bottles. Called the Upcycling Project, the caps also reshapes the bottle giving them a new look and function while contributing to a cleaner environment.

Via: Tuvie

First Suspended Bicycle Roundabout







Ipv Delft designed the first suspended bicycle roundabout in the world. Located between Eindhoven, Veldhoven and Meerhoven in the Netherlands, the project promotes a healthier and eco friendly life. The roundabout consists of 70 metre tall central pylon, 24 steel cables and a circular bridge deck made out of approximately 1,000 tons of steel.

According to the Architects, The project was resembled to “a flying saucer which hoovers above the Heerbaan-Meerenakkerweg intersection, its impressive pylon marking the entrance way to the cities of Eindhoven and Veldhoven“.

Via: Freshome

Kitchen Hub

Kitchen Hub is an electronic device concept designed by Francisco Barboza Grasa. Designed to be user friendly, the device can be used to manage your food consumption properly, as a nutritional plate, to check food stock status, for smart shopping and as a source for recipes. All these high tech elements are constructed inside a round shape and soft material.

The electronic plate splits into 4 sections: fruit, vegetable, grains, and protein. There are 2 smaller circles that you can use for dairy products and healthy oils, it will show you alimentation to fit your diet. Using this device, you can also check your whole family members nutritional status.

Source: Tuvie

Uppercup reusable cup






Uppercup is a sustainable, reusable takeaway coffee cup designed by Charlwood Design.

The unique, double wall tumbler is made of Tritan plastic and is ultrasonically welded. The result is a BPA free design that not only insulates the cup but also doesn’t absorb odours and flavours and is fully recyclable. The sturdy plastic construction ensures it is not fragile like ceramic or glass.

The unique rotating lid can be turned to reveal a tilt-up spout and then resealed flat to prevent splashes. The PP and LDPE parts separate for easy cleaning and recycling at the end of life.

Designed and manufactured in Melbourne Australia the cup is available in white/black in two sizes – 8oz and 12oz. The campaign ends on 19th September 2013 so get your pledges in to be the first to receive one.

From the Uppercup site:
“We believe in good design that enhances our experiences, that is innovative and long lasting . We create products that are aesthetically beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly.

UpperCup is the simple, elegant and functional cup inspired by our daily coffee travels and the notion that good design can make our favourite rituals even more enjoyable. UpperCup is about celebrating a culture of good design and creativity. We believe in appreciating the finer things in life, in creating something that will contribute and enhance your everyday experience.”

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