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World Trade Center Transportation Hub







New transportation hub for the World Trade Center in New York by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The hub will open this year and is designed to work as a connecting destination for locals and visitors with 11 subway paths and weather protected access to bus and ferry lines. The hub will also have retail stores and a Westfield Shopping Mall. The design was created by Calatrava using his signature skeletal structure and is made in glass, steel with marble floors and walls allowing natural light to pass through the platforms.

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Narita International Airport Terminal 3








Japanese architecture studio Nikken Sekkei was asked to design a new “low cost” terminal for Narita International Airport using a very limited budget, the result is this minimal structure and design.

From the architects:

“Narita International Airport Terminal 3 is exclusively for LCC (low-cost carriers). Precisely so, we focused on creating a completely “low-cost airport” with the architecture and design. The budget for constructing this terminal was approximately half of the usual amount. To cut costs, we opted not to install the typical moving walkways or illuminated signs. Instead, to offer an exciting walking experience that is easy on the feet, we implemented running tracks used for track and field, and added signage for user-friendly guidance. The key to the architecture and design is “more than 2 into 1.” Consolidating two or more functionalities into one in pursuit of economic reasonability. In short, treasuring designs “with a twist without spending a lot of money.” It would be our great honor if Narita International Airport Terminal 3 is frequently used and forever loved by economically savvy travelers. When the time arrives for 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, we look forward to seeing people from all around the world having fun walking on these blue tracks.”

W Hotel, Bogotá







The W Hotel located in Bogotá, Colombia is the first contemporary hotel created using the legend of El Dorado as inspiration. The interiors were designed by Ilan Waisbrod, of New York’s Studio Gaia who created a 17 floor space full of treasures and gold pieces. The hotel uses sustainable furniture by Waisbrod, has a beautiful restaurant by Jean-Georges Vongerichten decorated with 1,200 gold butterflies and a bar with an installation by Colombian artist Venuz White.

Address: Avenida Carrera 9 No. 115 – 30 Bogotá, Colombia
Phone: (57+1) 7467111

W Hotel

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Hongkung Art Gallery






The Hongkund Art Gallery is a project developed by Penda architects located in Beijing. The interior of the gallery use the arch as a main architectural element for walls, partitions and ceilings transforming the minimalist space into a beautiful curved sculpture.

From Penda: “The white exterior of the Hongkun Art Gallery works a sculptural focal point for the area. Entering the gallery through an opening in the monolithic facade, the arch-like curves continue to the interior and gently merge into a clean white space for exhibiting the artworks. The open areas in the gallery offer a wide space for themed exhibition, while the gently curved entrance part draws people into the space and guides them naturally further into the gallery. The solid expression of the exterior countinually merges with a carved out interior and increases the sculptural appearance of the gallery. Multiple arches altering in size and orientation create a continuous, gentle curve which becomes a sculptural interpretation of the landscape paintings, that are exhibited in the gallery. Within the arches, the entrance sculpture inhabites an information desk, a coatroom and the main circulation staircase, which guides visitors to the basement with a special exbition hall and employees to the office area located on the mezzanin level.”

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Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel







The new Radisson Blu Riverside hotel located in Gothenburg, Sweden was designed by not one but 3 design and architecture firms: the building itself was created by Reflex Architects, the interiors by Doos Architects and the restaurant, lobby and bar by Stylt Trampoli. The result is a carefully designed space with lots of color and texture with a unique and eclectic feel ideal for bussiness or leisure travelers.

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