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Shield Lamps by Kutarq Studio

Shield is a new series of lamps by Kutarq Studio created for Millelumen Germany. Inspired by the shields of the Maasai from Tanzania, consistent reduction, clear geometry and clean shapes are the design principles behind the Shield luminaires. The lamp consists of two main parts: an opalescent diffuser (which is exchangeable and can be set up fast and easy), and a white-painted aluminum structural chassis. The shades are not opaque, but semi-translucent, creating an attractive aura and a pleasant atmosphere as a harmonious light falls upon the wall or ceiling. They are made in three different forms: round, oval and eye-shaped. The Shield series are available as a wall, ceiling, pendant or floor lamp, and are all dimmable.

Kutarq Studio

Loop Table Lamp






Timo Niskanen founder and designer of Helsinki based store Himmee created Loop, a beautiful minimalistic lamp with a touch controlled dimmer. The lamp has a sleek aluminum body with an opal acrylic diffuser, and the LED lightsource is placed inside the inner surface of the circle.

The idea for the lighting fixture came unexpectedly. One night Niskanen was walking with his dog and suddenly he noticed a loop obstacle from the mini golf track coming out from the snow. He had walked several times by the mini golf track but this time he saw the obstacle for new eyes and the basic form of the Loop lamp was born.

“The Birth” lamps by Satoshi Itasaka




Designer Satoshi Itasaka of Japanese design studio h220430 created this beautiful set of pendant and table chandelier lamps called “The Birth”. The inspiration according to the designer: “Today, the loss of life and humanitarian suffering, such as racism and terrorism, is considerable. Besides, it is now possible to make human beings artificially. Considering those, it seems that the value of ‘life’ is transforming, and therefore, it is time to re-think about the ‘life’. This chandelier is inspired by the weak electrical current occur from an ovum at the very moment of the fertilization.”

Via Contemporist

U32-1 lamp by Shift






Mexican design studio Shift have created the U32-1, a metal pendant lamp for brand Lampslite. Constructed entirely from metal, U32-1 explores the concept of modern lighting, taking heavily from contemporary urban trends; particularly the tension and structure of the modern city landscape. Composed from two icosahedric geometries the lamp presents a distinct angular dialogue, between surface and frame.

Mobi Lamp by James Dieter






The Mobi lamp by designer James Dieter, is a positionable mobile of light that can be shifted through a variety of forms, allowing for a wide range of shapes and sizes. Remove the fixture from its suspension points to change its shape. The suspension clamps adjust easily in length and location without tools.

Mobi is available in anodized aluminum finishes or brass and powered by (8) 9w LED lamps.

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