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Istanbul DP+EC Concept


Portuguese practice OODA created a proposal for the ‘Istanbul disaster prevention + education centre’ international design competition to implement a facility to protect against and inform of the implications of natural disasters to be located within Istanbul, Turkey. The tilted axis of the geometrical structure is set within a landscape featuring a cultural turkish pattern generating a network of connections to the surrounding context. Leading towards the iconic building, a series of walled pathways are carved into the constructed site and a park is placed upon the generated roof. Programmatic spaces within the multiple and irregular levels intend to host courses, seminars and venues to develop public awareness about earthquakes and floods.

Via Designboom

New Dali Museum


The new Dali Museum designed by architect Yann Weymouth and HOK architecture department is located on a scenic waterfront site in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, the 68,000-square-foot structure doubles the size of the original 1982 Dali Museum. Exhibits include oils, watercolors, sketches, sculptures and other works from a 2,140-piece permanent collection.

Despite the complex processes required to construct the building, which stands more than 75 feet tall and is adorned by 1,062 unique, triangular glass panels, the $29.8 million building project was completed on time and $700,000 under budget. Construction began in December 2008.


Film: Tokyo Design Week makes its way down to Tokyo for the design week. As always the quality of the works of the domestic and international designers here is outstanding, showing both prototypes as well as products open to new distribution channels.

This episode of features the works of:
Daisuke Motogi, Generate design, Yota Katuda, Maarten Baptist, Naoki KawaMoto, Kwangho Lee, Emmanuelle Moureaux, Nosigner, Live for sweets, Oscar Diaz, I2A3, Jaime Hayon, Tani Matsumura & Kamide Choemon-Gama.

Dutch Design Week


From October 23 through October 31 2010, Eindhoven presents the 9th edition of Dutch Design Week, the largest design event in the Netherlands. Around 1500 designers from home and abroad will show their work all over the city of Eindhoven from design disciplines such as industrial design, concept design, graphic design, textile & fashion, spatial design, fooddesign and design management & trends. Visitors will be given insight into the entire development process from concept to product in various disciplines ranging from industrial design to applied arts.

The participants include established bureaus, high-profile designers, talented newcomers, and recently graduated designers, one of the reasons why this Dutch Design Week is the perfect meeting place for designers, companies, and public.


Istanbul Design Week


Since 2005, Istanbul Design Week has been the greatest design organization of Turkey and this year it will be held between 29th September – 3rd October 2010.

In the Capital of Culture of year 2010, IDW will be hosting many exhibitions from all around the world, with the theme ‘city & design’.

Visitors will experience intense design days with symposiums, workshops and conferences at this connection point for creative ideas from different disciplines of design. Reaching much bigger number of people than the previous years is aimed.

This year, IDW has taken its place as a brand in international design events calendar. Having a remarkable dynamism regarding participation and advertisement internationally, IDW is more than just a showcase for designers; it is a creativity platform presenting reference points for them to draw their path.


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