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Netatmo Thermostat





Netatmo, a company that develops products that monitor weather & environment, creators of the Urban Weather Station system has worked with designer Philippe Stark to create the Netatmo Thermostat a beautiful product that combines great design and functionality to control heating remotely using your smarthphone, tablet or computer to reduce energy consumption.

Netatmo Thermostat also learn your habits and adjust your environment accordingly, it knows when you go to sleep, arrive home from work or when the day starts and ends giving you the ideal temperature for all your activities.

Via Tuvie.

Hexahedron Watch





The Hexahedron watch by designer Peter Fletcher for watch store Tokyoflash was based on a previous model called Anacube and it uses a 3D snake illustration to display the time. The faceted LCD display creates 3D affect, the hours are displayed on 4 faces of the cube in one axis while the minutes are displayed in perpendicular axis.

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XO Tablet by Yves Behar






Developed in collaboration with the One Laptop Per Child Association, the tablet harnesses the power of a touchscreen device to create new ways for children to learn. The powerful Android tablet has a new user interface and protective cover that delivers the continuity of the design language of the original One Laptop Per Child with a new learning experience.

“The new tablet is an evolution of all the things we have learned with the original XO Laptop,” says Yves Behar, fuseproject founder and Chief Designer of OLPC since 2006.

SpareOne Phone




SpareOne is the only mobile phone in the world powered by a standard AA battery.
The SpareOne adopts the GSM cellular phone standard, allowing it to operate in most of the cellular networks around the globe.

Smart patented power engineering allows buyers to use the most widely available and inexpensive battery – a regular AA. No more AC outlet dependency.

Also the SpareOne can hold its charge, if unused, for up to 15 years, or the shelf life of the battery inserted. When in use, talk time can last up to 10 hours.

Peel Coffee Machine


A product design and manufacture consultancy based in Yorkshre, UK, HJC Design has developed a newrange of kitchenware for Peel UK. One of to be released kitchenware is this visually attractive coffee machine. The main artistic design of this coffee machine is the elegantly crafted surface that resembles a beautiful eye-catching waterfall of rich coffee. As you can guess, the design was inspired by the drop of a flowing coffee. Coffee lover can place their coffee mug for brewing on top of the rippled stainless steel base plate.

The soft soothing blue light that surrounds the base adds elegant and futuristic touch to this coffee machine design. This glowing LED light also indicates when the machine is brewing your coffee. I guess on dark mornings, you’ll light up your kitchen when brewing your coffee using this machine.

Designer : HJC Design
Via: Tuvie

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